F.I.A.T.M news

Jan 18:

As we work on our Organization Calendar for the 2019 year, we have a couple of events
already scheduled, so please take note and govern your calendars accordingly.
Please be aware of the following events:
1) The RED DRESS FASHION SHOW February 23rd, 9am – 2pm
2) FIATM feed our Veterans April 18th, Time TBD
3) The Village Remix Collaborative with Speak The Dream Foundation March, Date & Time TBD
4) NLAA Blazin Heat Track Club Meet April 6th, Location TBD


Speak The Dream

Jan 20:

Speak The Dream Foundation presents life skills enrichment and increasing self-awareness mentorship experience called “The Village Remix”

The Village Remix ™ (The VR!) – Defining the Concept & Philosophy
As it takes a Village, or community, to raise a child, the ways in which the
Village /community serves and guides its children must constantly adapt and
evolve to meet the changing needs of its promising young spirits. Therefore,
the process by which the Village continues to substantively modify and
enhance the approach, delivery, and the tools by which children, teens, and
young adults are guided is the Remix.

* The Village Remix is an original creation of, and presented by, Speak The Dream Foundation.
Benefiting the Moreno Valley community and supporting the mentorship mission of the F.I.A.T.M.
Group, Inc.

Pivot Sacramento

Pivot Sacramento is located in northern California and services the communities in the Sacramento area.

Pivot Sacramento helps people with a history of being hard to serve. Success stories include former high school dropouts, single parents and individuals who are homeless, recently incarcerated or aging out of foster care.
Pivot primarily serves people that live in low-income neighborhoods of Sacramento where the jobless and high school dropout rates exceed the average in other parts of the city. Many residents in these areas are chronically unemployed or under-employed, struggling to get and keep good jobs and cannot afford food, shelter, transportation and other basic needs.

With a comprehensive and personalized suite of services, Pivot Sacramento provides the support needed to level the playing field for individuals competing for jobs against people without extensive barriers. Pivot ensures participants are employed and that they meet the national self-sufficiency standard. Pivot helps its clients with everything from earning GEDs to changing careers to starting their own businesses.


Pivot Sacramento is located at
4625 44th Street, Room 3 Sacramento, CA 95820
(916) 496-7764